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The Grate App: Snap, Rate and Share



Grate app is a local app that has emerged for all foodies around the globe. Its primary function is to let real people rate and share food items from restaurants. The App allows you take images of the delicious or not so delicious food, rate and share it for other users who might like to try a particular meal at a restaurant…it really helps a lot when you are at a restaurant and have trouble picking your meal. We spoke to Thokozani Skaka (founder) about all things Grate.


Firstly congratulations on creating such a great App, Please tell us how this product came about?

A friend of mine Christopher Madiba got a new Job and I came up with an idea that we must go out to a new unknown restaurant to celebrate as friends, upon arriving at the restaurant we looked at the menu and none of us had any idea what to order as we have not been there and didn’t know 90% of the items on the menu, then I thought wouldn’t it be cool if there was an app where I could find out what is good at that restaurant based on what other people who have been there had and what they thought about what they had, I wanted an app where I could see real reviews from real people with real pictures. There was no App exactly like thats so I wrestled together a team and we made it


How  important is to the mobile app industry that we have a food app created by an all black team?

It’s vital, important, fundamental. It’s important for us as a people, us as a nation and us as a continent.


What is the general response like? Are people swarming towards the idea?

Most people didn’t understand it at first which is good, most thought we are creating another restaurant rating app and the Grate app is a food snapping, rating and reviewing app. We are food first and everything else comes second. On Grate foodies can Grate food based on taste, presentation and price. It’s nice, clean and simple no added preservatives 🙂


What are the highlights and “lowlights” of the app?

Initial App launch, we actually developed the first version of the app over a weekend. We started on Friday and had it out on the App store by Sunday. I must commend the entire team on that amd their amazing goal driven work ethic. We are a results driven team and really focus on cranking cool features and products out


The rapid pace we work in lead to us losing some team memebers as our rapid work ethic and methodology didn’t suite them





We recently bumped into your team at a major food festival in JHB, what were you guys hoping to achieve there?

After weeks and weeks of meetings and negotiations we managed to be the food App of the festival, this was a massive opportunity and we really want to thank the Organizers for taking a chance on us.




Lastly what should we expect in 2017 from the grate team?

We got some life changing, revolutionary,  next level features coming up, expect to See more of Grate and expect amazing improvements and new features

Words: Lethabo Ngakane



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