Dekaff: Tasha Baxter – Bigger Than Me Feat. Au5

May 16, 2017

Tasha Baxter is undeniably the finest bass music vocalist to ever come out of S.A. Tasha has been in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene for a long time and her music is versatile and travels across the genres, with Drum & Bass being amongst her renowned specialties and a number of hits working with the very best international producers.

This 2015, Dub-Step single is titled ‘Bigger Than Me’ and it features New Jersey producer, Au5 behind some sick transitions with the track’s beat. The tune goes with a futuristic Pop-like feel; and switches the break from one form to another, a number of times as it progresses towards a sick climax. So what does the song talk about? The lyrics are quite honest, and they mainly talk about believing and having faith in God. It instantly takes one on a journey of self-reflection in the form of elevating atmospheres; punchy kicks, crisp snares and some pretty work on the melodies and the grimy bass line which is a prominent element of this EDM genre. Tasha’s distinct, angelic voice is undeniably catchy, making it easy to remember as much as it is easy to love.

The overall production and quality of this tune is, as the French say ‘Magnifique’. Forget traditional Gospel music, this is an EDM Gospel that blesses the bass heads. A nicely done inter-continental collaboration.

Release Date: 2015

Genre/Style: Dub-Step


Words By: Tsheola Asavela

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