Dekaff: Da Lootz – That Sax Love Feat. Dindy

February 21, 2017

Da Lootz is a multi-genre DJ from the Cap City (Pretoria). ‘That Sax Love’ is the title of his very first official release. This track expresses his other love within the musical sphere which is creating music. He co-produced this lovely soulful single with fellow DJ Ruan ‘Questo’ Theron from Durban.

In the form of a mesmerising sweetness that relishes her voice,  Daveyton’s very own Dindy sings the words “Just like the moon meets the stars at night; just like Bonny & Clyde”. Her voice blends in smoothly, in unison with the masculinity and sensuality that the saxophone brings which is as equally dominating as her voice.

The natural feel and melody of the keys add a nice flavour by emphasising the emotion or mood that this joint entices whilst the air is possessive of a lively pad and a groovy break-beat.  That sax love bares a classically relevant House feel about it which consistently maintains a timeless essence to it.

Every moment of the seven minutes that the song runs for, is nothing but the expression of sheer love and passion that is idealistic to the theme.  Definitely ideal in this ‘Month of Love’, talk about perfect timing.

As far as Soul and House goes, this jam makes it and does not break it from where I stand.  House fan or not, this is simply just beautiful music.


Release Date: 26 January 2017

Genre/Style: House

Words By: Tsheola Asavela

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