Zelé Angelides: challenging stereotypes and gender binaries

August 3, 2017

Zelé Angelides is a 29-year-old photographer born in Johannesburg. As a passionate, patient and persistent creator she managed to graduate in Graphic Design at the University of Johannesburg (cum laude) as well as acquire a postgraduate in Photography (cum laude). Zelé describes her approach to photography as one that inspires “a raw connection with the viewer, invoking an emotional response”. She does this by exploring how a printed photographic images can come close to reality by replicating an intimate moment.

Her work delves into confronting and challenging stereotypes and gender binaries in the subjects that she would work, both in subtle and overt ways and to investigate perceptions of femininity and the female form.

“Work I developed during my Luminous Bodies Residency in Toronto July 2016. luminousbodies.com


Written by: Lethabo Ngakane

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