Andile Jila styles and art directs an Asian inspired shoot

March 23, 2016

There’s a stylist who is often found selling rare vintage items at Johannesburg’s second oldest bar (Kitcheners) located in the city’s beard, braids and septum pierced capital called Braamfontein. Andile Jila is a creator who communicates his artistic self through his body as well as through styling and art direction. “I am an eddy breath of fresh air with a million colours. Addicted to nothingness and its complexities” reads one of his profiles; a whimsical description that gives way to his edgy, non-conforming and avant-garde style which often ensures that he does not fall through the cracks. There is perhaps one body of work which he styled and had photographed by Sibusiso Sibanyoni that your “trend” spotters and forecasters may have overlooked through their common gaze.

Andile 21396 small


Andile 21348 small

When asked what inspired this body of work, here is what Andile had to say:
“I made the hat ‘cause I woke up feeling like making a hat, which is exactly what I did. Portraiture was my drug around the time and I had these angelic Asian Dust Pink slithers of images in my head when the hat was involved and that led to the images you see. I used handmade jewellery also crafted by Nutcase Sbu.
The suggested innocence of the pinks blended with the silence of the zips, create a magnificent, almost perfect depiction of Asian Intentions.”

Andile 21422 small


Andile 21412 small

“Dressed in fine yellow linen, the model embraces confusion suggested by the jolted head, and the detailed pink studded zip on the ear speaks to the silence. The Asian ensemble with the silk pussy bow blouse works well to form the magnetic amnesia of the Asian Persuasion.”
Check out his brand Bad Kids Good Looks and follow him on Instagram.

Written By: Lethabo Ngakane

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